You’ve made the exciting decision to enhance your home and are considering embarking on a joint project with your neighbours - fantastic! One way to begin would be by initiating an informal conversation to gauge their interest. Discuss the potential advantages, such as shared costs, minimised disruption, and enhanced property value. Utilise our costs and carbon calculator to illustrate potential savings!



Once both you and your neighbour(s) are on board, reach out to us for a free consultation.  A clear brief is fundamental to any successful project and provides a solid base for excellent design.  In the initial meeting, we’ll discuss in depth project specific requirements, budgets, and aspirations.  Afterwards, each neighbour will be provided with an individual proposed agreement.  Our fee structure is transparent, and we can tailor plans to suit each neighbour's preferences.



With an agreement in place, we will undertake a measured survey of the properties to generate existing drawings and information.


Concept Design

In this phase, we work closely with each neighbour crafting proposals to bring their visions to reality.  We develop 3D models, plans, and drawings considering all aspects of aspirations, budget, planning and practicality. Once a design is agreed, a cost review will be undertaken to estimate construction costs.



We’ll handle the preparation and submission of planning or lawful development applications on behalf of the neighbours. We’ll manage the process, prepare the drawings and reports, and answer any queries the local authority may have. By submitting a joint planning application, you can save on time and costs, and reduce objections.


Detailed Design & Building Regulations

We will prepare a detailed package of drawings and information to tender your project to receive quotes from recommended vetted builders.

A typical comprehensive package will include construction details (roof, window, door, wall, floor), electrical and lighting layouts, window and door schedules, floor and wall finishes, individual room layouts and elevations, landscaping layouts and a specification. To ensure compliance with building regulations, we will manage the application to a building inspector to gain approval before construction.  Input from a structural engineer will be necessary at this stage.



During construction, Neighbouring Projects will work as Contract Administrator - inspecting workmanship and safeguarding quality on site while tracking progress against the project programme and budget.